The Southasian Sensibility: A Himal Reader

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This is a book that should find a place on the shelf of anyone interested in South Asia as a region…The essays in this collection are part reportage and part opinions and reflections on various aspects of the South Asian identity….it is a good reader to dip into.


The best of Himal… a good reader to dip into…what strikes one the most while going through the book is the relevance of these essays to our times, the realities they present to the reader impact our politics, society and culture some 15-20 years later.

(Frontline, 25 January 2013)

About the Author

Kanak Mani Dixit, writer and activist, was educated in Nepal, India and the USA. He is the founding editor (1987 to the present) of Himal Southasian, a highquality, independent, monthly journal that offers informed critical commentary on social and cultural issues.

Alongside the journal, Dixit plays an influential role in a wide variety of cultural disciplines. He founded the Film South Asia (FSA), a documentary festival, which has become an important platform for local creativity, stimulating innovative local filmmaking on topics such as gender, child labour and water scarcity. Dixit also organises public lecture series and conferences involving regional and international speakers―including, recently, a Cartoon Congress incorporating a Southasian cartoon competition. He promotes research, writes children’s books and co-owns a publishing house that disseminates books and translations of great value to Nepali society. He is the author of Peace Politics of Nepal: An Opinion from Within published by Himal Books in 2011. He was one of the cofounders of the post-2005 Civil Society Platform, plays a key role in the prodemocracy campaign, challenges repression and promotes freedom of expression. Among other awards, he was awarded the Prince Claus Award in 2009.

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The Southasian Sensibility: A Himal Reader is a collection of representative, seminal articles published over the past 25 years in Himal Southasian, Southasia’s first and foremost regional news and analysis magazine. The essays are fine examples of long-form journalism, a format that Himal has pioneered in the Subcontinent.Marking the quarter century of the magazine, the Himal Reader argues for a regional mindset when tackling issues that touch the people of the Subcontinent. The focus throughout is for a humanist and progressive viewpoint, with a strong emphasis on human rights, democracy and social justice. The selected articles, whether discussing nationalism, regionalism, insurgency or cultural transformation, all reflect one aspect that Himal has striven to promote throughout its existence: a perspective that views the entire Southasian region as a single, composite entity even while respecting the plurality and integrity of its component parts.

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