Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research and Learning Styles Define Teaching Competencies

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This excellent book is up-to-date with the expanding role of technology in education and offers endless ready-to-implement suggestions and plenty of illustrative material while linking everything to brain research. It is easy to understand, thoughtfully crafted, and right on the mark. (Beth Madison, Principal)

About the Author

Donna Walker Tileston is a veteran teacher and administrator. She is currently the president of Strategic Teaching and Learning, a consulting firm that provides services to schools throughout the United States and worldwide. Donna’s publications include Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles and Standards Define Teaching Competencies (2000), which has been on Corwin’s bestseller list since its first year in print, in addition to the ten-volume award-winning series What Every Teacher Should Know, now in its second edition. Other recent titles are Teaching Strategies for Active Learning (2006), Teaching Strategies that Prepare Students for High Stakes Tests (2008) and Closing the Poverty and Culture Gap (2009). Donna received her B.A. from the University of North Texas, her M.A. from East Texas State University and her Ed.D from Texas A & M University-Commerce

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This third edition of what has become a classic methods text reveals the most current approaches to inspire and motivate students. Donna Walker Tileston engages readers with real-life classroom examples, proven techniques for reaching every learner and up-to-date strategies, all outlined in her reader-friendly style. She incorporates the latest research on brain-compatible pedagogy and learning styles throughout the updated chapters on today’s most critical topics, including:

  • Using formative assessment for best results
  • Integrating technology to connect students’ school and home lives
  • Differentiating instruction to inspire every student
  • Connecting with children of various cultures, including those who live in poverty
  • Creating a collaborative learning environment

Each chapter includes helpful lists, charts and graphs. New and veteran teachers will find a treasure trove of invaluable tried-and-true strategies throughout this handy reference.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Creating an Environment that Facilitates Learning
  • Differentiating for Different Learning Styles
  • Helping Students Make Connections from Prior Knowledge
  • Teaching for Long-Term Memory
  • Constructing Knowledge through Higher-Level Thinking Processes
  • Fostering Collaborative Learning
  • Bridging the Gap Between All Learners
  • Evaluating Learning with Authentic Assessments
  • Encouraging In-Depth Understanding with Real-World Applications
  • Integrating Technology Seamlessly into Instruction
  • Putting it All Together
  • References
  • Index

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