Teacher Leader Stories: The Power of Case Methods

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Teaching and learning go hand in hand.  We do not learn to teach, we learn from our teaching.  This book offers a coherent, constructivist approach to do just that. It makes the daily life of classrooms accessible for thoughtful exploration and powerful learning. (Laura Lipton, Co-Director)

About the Author

Judy Swanson leads a not-for-profit research and evaluation firm, Research for Quality Schools, in Seattle, WA. For 20 years she has conducted research in urban schools throughout the US. Her expertise and recent research has focused on teacher leadership, professional development for instructional improvement and teacher development at all stages of a teacher’s career. She has worked with CSTP to develop and facilitate case writing retreats for teacher leaders since 2003. Swanson received her PhD in educational psychology at Stanford University.

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Empower teacher leaders through the power of case study. Many teachers desire—but have a hard time obtaining—the training and support they need to lead others and expand their circle of influence. Like having a conversation with a successful teacher leader, this practical guide will help teachers strengthen their leadership skills, optimize student learning and enhance the profession. Research confirms that the best way to become an effective teacher leader is through case study and this book provides:

  • 16 compelling case studies that cover a broad range of leadership experiences
  • Explicit guidance on using case writing and case analysis to enrich teachers’ professional learning
  • A facilitator’s guide with discussion questions for each case study

The people and events in these cases are real and these relatable stories cover a variety of leadership dilemmas from diverse settings. Written in compelling and straightforward language, Teacher Leader Stories is most beneficial to staff development professionals and aspiring teacher leaders seeking the rich, substantive professional learning experience they need to become successful.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Barbara Miller
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Value of Case Methods: Promoting Reflection on the Precarious Real World of Leadership
  • Effective Approaches to Case Analysis and Case Writing
  • School-Level Leadership Dilemmas
  • District-Level Leadership
  • State- and National-Level Leadership
  • How to Use Cases to Support Teacher Leadership: Case-by-Case Facilitation Guides
  • Resources
  • References
  • Index

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