Powerful Lesson Planning: Every Teacher’s Guide to Effective Instruction

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Janice Skowron, Ed.D. is an educational consultant known for facilitating interactive, engaging workshops for teachers and administrators on curriculum and instructional planning in the reading and the language arts. Using research proven strategies, Dr. Skowron models and shows teachers how to create effective lessons for basic, integrated, differentiated and problem based learning. She has experience as a classroom teacher, reading specialist and school and district administrator at the elementary and middle school levels. Dr. Skowron is a frequent presenter at professional conferences and has authored numerous educational materials and articles.

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Revitalize your current practices, expand your repertoire of approaches and improve learning for students! Every teacher’s goal is to create a rich instructional environment for their students and thoughtful, informed lesson planning is a key element in that process. Janice Skowron’s jump-start of a book offers novice and experienced teachers step-by-step, essential guidance in this challenging and oftentimes highly complex task. It brings into focus the decisions teachers face as they plan instruction and provides four progressively complex and nuanced models: basic, integrated, differentiated and problem-based instruction. Descriptive information, numerous examples and tools such as key questions, planning guides and templates help educators develop proficiency in planning instruction.

This revised edition will:

  • Help teachers incorporate the best practices for lesson planning
  • Build the lesson-planning skills and repertoire of new teachers
  • Revitalize instruction for veteran teachers
  • Strengthen teachers’ abilities to plan standards-based lessons
  • Help teachers focus on assessment in the initial phases of lesson planning

Powerful Lesson Planning will increase teacher’s competence and confidence and help them master the skills needed to advance their practice and improve learning for all students.

Table of Contents:

  • Reproducible Pages Directory
  • Foreword Charlotte Danielson
  • Preface
  • Basic Instructional Design
  • Integrated Instructional Design
  • Differentiated Instructional Design
  • Problem-based Learning Instructional Design
  • Resources
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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