Business-to-Business Marketing: Sthool Arthshastriya Adava

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Dr Ross Brennan is Professor of Industrial Marketing at the Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire. His research interests are in business-to-business marketing strategy, macro marketing, cross-cultural marketing and marketing pedagogy. Ross Brennan’s research has been published in a wide range of academic journals including the European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, the Journal of Macro marketing, the Journal of Marketing Education, the Journal of Marketing Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Dr Brennan is active within the UK Academy of Marketing and the International Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP) research networks and is a member of the editorial board at five international academic journals, including Industrial Marketing Management and the Journal of Business to Business Marketing. Having formerly worked in business-to-business marketing and strategic management roles with BT plc, Dr Brennan’s professional interest in B2B relationships was further developed through a PhD investigating inter-firm buyer-seller relationships undertaken at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. His most recently published research addresses the implications of social media for B2B relationships.

Dr Louise Canning held international sales and marketing posts in the steel and engineering industries before moving into higher education as an ESCRC teaching fellow at UWE Bristol and completing her doctoral investigation of environmental adaptation in buyer-supplier relationships. Louise’s continued interest in sustainability and the interface between business and consumer markets has most recently included the examination of human disposition. Besides sustainability, Louise’s other research interests include business market communication and small business development, her work having been published in leading journals such as European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Services Marketing. Louise is an active member of the International Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) research group and regular reviewer for various publications, including Industrial Marketing Management. Louise was appointed Associate Professor at Kedge Business School, France in September 2013 having previously worked at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Ray McDowell is the Head of Department for Business and Management at the University of the West of England in the UK. The Department numbers about 100 permanent staff across the range of management disciplines and means that Ray is managing business-to-business relationships pretty much every day of the week. This comes as no surprise to him; all business is about managing relationships and he learnt that very early in his professional life. That professional life began in the private sector and before pursuing an academic career he occupied positions at GEC-Marconi leading the company’s involvement in a collection of international research collaborations. Those professional experiences fostered a particular interest in business-to-business marketing and relationships in particular that he has pursued ever since and which was magnified ten-fold as a consequence of his involvement with the work of the IMP Group of researchers.

Despite a role at the university that precludes as active an engagement with students as he used to have and that allows for as much involvement in business to business research as he’d probably prefer, he still gets a tremendous buzz from talking to companies about the sorts of business to business relationships they have. He is constantly amazed at the number of times he hears company directors describe the relationship they would like to have (rather than recognising the relationship they actually have) and bemoan the fact that counterparts don’t seem to treat them as they’d prefer. If only they all read business-to-business marketing books like this one.

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This comprehensive yet concise textbook covers both the theory and practice of business-to-business (b2b) marketing in a globalised world from a European perspective.
It combines multiple approaches to b2b marketing theory with up-to-date international examples, thereby making the text valuable for faculty and students worldwide. This textbook is relevant to all students taking a university module in b2b marketing at undergraduate or postgraduate levels.
New to this edition:
· More coverage of digital marketing and social media in relation to b2b
· More coverage of issues relating to sustainability and corporate social responsibility
· More visual features and an update of the ‘b2b Snapshots’
· New international examples and case studies including Zara, eBay, DHL, LinkedIn and the horsemeat scandal

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