Beyond Gandhian Economics: Towards a Creative Deconstruction

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[The book] explores and attempts to establish Gandhian political economy (GPE) beyond Gandhian economics through a creative deconstruction and it goes beyond the  defined domain of economics in analysing social, political and ethical implica¬tions of the so-called economic actions or policies’…. [It]is valuable on two accounts. First, there is ‘intersectionality of numerous components’. Numerous issues and concepts have been linked to the arrival of ‘Gandhian political economy’. Second, ‘critique’ per se has been concretely grounded.

(The Book Review, Vol 38, January 2014)

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B N Ghosh, PhD (India), PhD (Australia), M. CIM (UK), GFCR (Harvard), is currently Visiting Professor at Leeds College of Management and Technology, UK. He has also worked in the same capacity at Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus, University of Science, Penang (Malaysia) and Zhejiang Gongshang University, China. Formerly, he was the Director of Institute of Management and Technology and KIMB, Government of Kerala (Punnapra, Kerala). He has written extensively in refereed professional journals and attended international conferences in many countries including UK, Italy, China, North Africa, India and Iran. His research works have been published in India, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Korea and the Philippines. He has written, edited and co-authored a large number of books published by renowned international publishers.


He has undertaken short-term consultancies for various organizations including the UNDP and Government of Malaysia. He is Chief Editor of Journal of Human Development. Ghosh is the recipient of Emerald Award (UK) for academic excellence for the year 2006.

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Beyond Gandhian Economics is an attempt to establish that Gandhian Economics is not neoclassical in essence and that it goes beyond the defined domain of economics in analyzing social, political and ethical implications of economic actions or policies. What goes by the name of Gandhian Economics are some of Gandhi’s personal views on different topical questions related to a broader spectrum of issues encompassing moral philosophy, politics and society.The book aims at filling the knowledge gap existing in the ontology of Gandhian Economics. It goes beyond the narrow precinct of Gandhian Economics and proclaims that many useful issues dealt with by Gandhi do not belong to the domain of pure economics. The book also provides a trajectory towards a more sensible but hitherto unexplored area of Gandhian political economy.

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